ENTW9 deliver workshops and classes that are engaging, inspirational and inclusive to their participants. We strive to provide can cater to all ages and abilities, offering a nurturing environment for self-development and growth.

Community Dance is a rich and diverse aspect of the dance industry. Here at ENTW9, we value the feeling of creating a community within all of our work and aim to create opportunities for dance to enhance local communities.  


ENTW9 Community Values

In 2020, Lois (Owner and Founder of ENTW9 Dance Company), was nominated for a One Dance UK Award in the category of 'The Inspirational Community Dance Practitioner' for her community work for ENTW9. 

Accessibility & Inclusivity

Safe & Nurturing

Reflective & Embracing

We strive to create classes and projects that are suitable for all ages and abilities. We can constantly looking for ways to adapt our work to create a common ground. 

 Dance is the medium we use to express our deeper thoughts and feelings. We strive to take moments of calm after projects in the form of discussion. This allows us to track our progress. We value being able to share this with you. 

Within all of our work, we aim to offer a safe space for individuals to grow in strength and confidence. We aim to encourage individuals along their dance journey, at their own pace. 

Previous Community Dance Projects: