In May 2019, ENTW9 collaborated with Sebastian Conrad and Kate Rees to create a site-specific performance for RHS Malvern Spring Festival. ENTW9 performed 3 short contemporary episodes exploring the idea of 'What If'. This collaboration was also part of our 2018-2019 placement scheme at the University of Worcester.

In this collaboration, Lois is choreographed 3 short episodes to enhance the gardens experience. Performed on May 8th 2019, each episode with take a different pathway from the inital idea of 'What If'.


What if we were a spectator looking into the garden in full bloom?


What if we were the artist, creating an explosion of colourful designs? 

What if we were the artwork, the creativity streaming from the artists mind?

The Spectator, The Artist, The Artwork...

'What If' is a garden based around the creativity within an artists mind. The garden will have three large colourful hand-painted steel sculptures which are representing creative throughts which organically evolve into reality to link art and nature together. The open air working space acts as the representation of the artists mind - the artist closes his eyes and mind and that is where the creativity happens. This show garden is supporting the Rees Foundation to help care leavers and care experiened individuals. 

Sebastian Conrad is a German horticulturist majoring in garden design. Conrad is interested in plants, garden design and science. His background in art has stemmed from work within an internship when creating stage design for theatre productions in Germany.  In 2018, Sebastian designed his first garden for the RHS Malvern Spring Festival and received a Bronze medal. In 2019, Sebastian collaborated with artist Kate Rees for his new garden entitled 'What If' which won a Gold medal. 

Sebastian Conrad